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The National Centre for Applied Learning Technologies (NCALT) was established to assist the 43 Home Office police forces in England and Wales and the wider policing community in adopting alternative learning methodologies. More 


NCALT was established in April 2002 through a collaboration between Centrex (the Central Police Training and Development Authority) and the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS).  More


NCALT produces e-learning of the highest quality to meet the learning needs of the Police Service and the wider justice community. During production, we work closely with operational police officers and subject matter experts and use the latest advances in learning design and technology.  More

Managed Learning Environment

The Managed Learning Environment (MLE) is accessible to all UK police forces and the wider policing community via the secure criminal justice extranet and over the internet. The MLE manages learners and delivers e-learning courses and other learning materials such as workbooks. More

Immersive Learning

NCALT develops and delivers immersive learning exercises which simulate the reality of critical incident management. Learners, immersed in a realistic environment, are able to experience the decision-making process and the complex issues facing the police and other agencies. More

New Technologies

NCALT continually evaluates the potential of new technologies and ideas to improve learning and performance in policing. There are currently three areas of research and development. More

Customer Relations

At NCALT, we work closely with our customers at all stages in the development process, from project initiation through content and audience analysis, scripting, design and development, to testing delivery, implementation and support. More


NCALT is committed to valuing diversity and promoting equality of opportunity for all. More

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