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NCALT develops and delivers immersive learning exercises which simulate the reality of critical incident management. Learners, immersed in a realistic environment, are able to experience the decision-making process and the complex issues facing the police and other agencies.

NCALT uses two simulation systems developed by Jonathan Crego, Director of the Hydra Foundation. ‘Hydra’ and ‘Minerva’ are used to recreate live incidents, such as train derailments, plane crashes, riots, and armed sieges, or major crime investigations.

An example of a national immersive learning exercise developed by NCALT is the Strategic Management of Critical Incident training for Chief Officers and senior managers.

NCALT Immersive Learning suites within the College of Policing are sited at Bramshill, Ryton and Harperley Hall where exercises are delivered as part of traditional training programmes, although most are capable of independent delivery.

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 Hydra and Minerva Suites

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