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The Core Leadership Development Programme (CLDP) is designed to help develop the leadership and role skills of post-probationary constables, sergeants, inspectors and corresponding police staff across the Service. Its courses can lead to qualifications accredited by the Chartered Management Institute. The emphasis is on personal and professional development of leadership and management skills whether managing oneself, a team, or a larger group of people. The goal is to improve individual performance and ability providing an improved service, both internally and within the communities that we serve. It will allow you to develop skills and abilities based on your need - not on your rank or role in the organisation and offers continuous professional development.  For those seeking progression, it allows you to prepare for your new role prior to taking it up to reduce the stresses and `sink or swim` feeling often associated with role change. CLDP allows you to learn in a way suited to your learning needs and the demands of the workplace. It offers blended learning through self-managed work books or e-learning, supported by workshops to help consolidate the learning where necessary.

List of courses

Almost all forces have access to CLDP, and it is possible to register individually for the e-learning versions of the course. However, CLDP is designed as a blended, work-based programme and you should find out more through your line manager or training department. Before any CLDP courses, see the Leadership Academy Portfolio on the NPIA website. 


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