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NCALT have just produced a wide variety of e-learning courses. To help you find the course you are looking for, we have grouped them into alphabetical order:

NCALT Courses by Programme

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Core Leadership and Development Programme (CLDP) [0 course(s)]

The Core Leadership Development Programme (CLDP) is designed to help develop the leadership and role skills of post-probationary constables, sergeants, inspectors and corresponding police staff across the Service.[More]

Communications Data for Designated Persons and Senior Responsible Officers (Communications Data - Web portal) [0 course(s)]

Communications Data for Designated Persons and Senior Responsible Officers


Crime Prevention Learning and Development Programme (CPLDP) [0 course(s)]

NCALT provides two essential elements of the Centrex Crime Prevention Programme: one module on Security Products and one on Introducing Plans and Drawings. Each is a prerequisite for a different part of the larger, classroom and work-based programme.[More]

European Computer Driving License (ECDL) [0 course(s)]

ECDL is the global standard in practical computer skills and competencies.[More]

Initial Police Learning and Development Programme (IPLDP) [0 course(s)]

Developed in conjunction with the NPIA’s Curriculum Development Team, IPLDP is designed to deliver a suite of resources to trainers and student officers that will cover the learning requirements of new recruits to the police force.[More]

Management of Police Information (MoPI) [0 course(s)]

Management of Police Information


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