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In recognition of the risks and challenges associated in rolling out a national system across 43 diverse police forces, each with their own local configurations and requirements, NCALT made the MLE nationally available and offers support to forces when they are ready to engage the system.  The system has been available to all 43 Home Office forces, at no charge, since November 2005.

For forces to get the most value from NCALT’s centrally provided products and services, senior management buy-in and budget are required.

Forces need to ensure that their IT systems and infrastructure are able to support access to the Managed Learning Environment, new and existing processes and systems need to be integrated,  and staff need to be trained in operating the system. Trainers need to be taught how to design and deliver this form of learning and learners, especially those accustomed to attending physical training classrooms, need to be informed, supported and provided with an appropriate learning environment in which to complete the learning.

HMIC published its ‘Desktop review and analysis of the application of e-learning materials and processes to support police learning and development’ in December 2006.  The report recommends that each force places responsibility for adopting the MLE under HR/Training and nominates a senior responsible owner for managing the change, with feedback through regional representation to the NCALT Programme Board.

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